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Our Orgin Story

Nearly a decade ago, Christine Conrad embarked on a journey propelled by a family member’s high blood pressure. As a staunch advocate for natural remedies and armed with extensive expertise gained from years in the food industry, she dove into researching and exploring alternatives to conventional medications. Olive oil emerged as a potential solution in her pursuit of dietary strategies to manage blood pressure. However, previous encounters with olive oil left her discouraged due to its unappealing taste. A pivotal moment arose when she stumbled upon an article revealing the lack of regulation in the United States' olive oil market. This revelation sparked a year-long quest to source top-tier, unadulterated olive oils. Partnering with a reputable supplier committed to an unparalleled ultra-premium standard, Reese and Riley’s was born- redefining oil production and setting a new standard for quality within the industry.

The Driving Force

Christine’s passionate commitment to Reese and Riley’s stems from her personal experience and belief in the comprehensive health benefits of high-quality olive oil. Her personal encounters with the transformative effects of pure, unadulterated olive oil ignited a mission to enlighten and empower others about its vast advantages. Driven by more than just offering culinary essentials, Reese and Riley’s endeavors to redefine olive oil's role, advocating for its use not only in cooking but also as a catalyst for holistic wellness, beauty enhancement, and even as an aid for various health aspects. Christine’s dedication transcends mere product promotion; she envisions a world where olive oil becomes a cornerstone of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Shaping the Future

Moving forward, Reese and Riley’s aim is to ignite significant change in industry practices and consumer consciousness. Its aspirations extend beyond transforming how olive oil is perceived; it aims to revolutionize its sourcing, production, and dissemination. The company's future endeavors revolve around spotlighting the extraordinary growers behind the oils, showcasing their dedication and expertise, and nurturing a deeper connection between consumers and the artisans cultivating this essential ingredient. Christine envisions a comprehensive, transparent approach, driving consumer education and empowerment while championing ethical sourcing and superior quality in the olive oil industry. Join us in making a difference!

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About Reese & Riley's

Get to know our founder! Our private chef, Christine Conrad, crafts one-of-a-kind recipes using the best Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars the area has to offer. Christine is extremely passionate about creating inspiring, healthy dishes that can really help turn your life around.

Meet Our Founder